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Unearthing the little known world of two-wheeled weekend racers, I have been working on this project for 7 years traveling to racetracks scattered across the United States where these enthusiasts spend maybe only a handful of weekends racing per season. At the racetrack they are disguised underneath layers of armour, leather and windscreens. Their professions, origins, age, race and sometimes gender are not clearly visible. Having raced motorcycles myself, I have met and befriended so many racers with varying professions and lifestyles. Some of whom are doctors, machinists, mechanics, insurance salespeople and military colonels just to name a few of their professions. I was immediately drawn to the concept of unveiling who exactly these moto racers are.

Shot on 4x5 film and destined to be display as diptychs, I have photographed these racers both at the track and at work or home with their families (or whatever else defines who they are). I have just one more racer to photograph at the track with his motorcycle to complete 15 moto racers, 30 images in total.