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A former puppet state of the Soviet Union, Estonia has risen to be one of the fastest growing GDP's in the world and part of the three countries which make up what is called, The Baltic Tiger: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Their capital, Tallinn was placed on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in 1997 featuring their unblemished Old Town originating back to the 13th century. Not having been deemed a strategic point for the Nazis or the Russians, Tallinn was miraculously preserved throughout both World Wars. In 1991, Estonia peacefully gained their independence from the grasp of the Soviets to be one of the few countries in history to peacefully secede from their occupier. Since then it has grown at an astronomical rate. With their embracement of capitalism and adaptation of new technologies, nearly 70% of the population own cell phones and in 2002, over a third accessed the world wide web.

These photographs look at Estonia amongst the historic locations throughout their capital of Tallinn. Their strength and youth represent a country which is developing at a rapid pace. Estonians have endured a horrific history of Soviet rule when, in efforts to dilute the population and control the territory, many ethnic Estonians were displaced to labor camps and Siberia. Now two decades after their independence, Estonia can finally flourish and it has.